I undertake the following types of work:

(i) Practical and clear written advice to governments and businesses, including entrepreneurs and inventors that devise new software applications and products, and who want advice regarding the admissibility of their product in legal proceedings.

(ii) Advice generally on banking, ATMs, digital evidence, electronic signatures, e-signature products, identity and authentication, security, data protection and related matters to online trading.

(iii) Non-contentious advice and statements to solicitors, in-house counsel, and lawyers in other jurisdictions.

(iv) Preparation and critiques of e-mail and internet use policies; software licences; online trading terms; disclaimers; businesses’ terms of use and trading; privacy policies for e-commerce sites; domain name disputes and back-end contracts; agency and distribution agreements; bespoke commercial agreements for national and enterprises trading globally; terms of trading.

(v) Legal advice for the investigation and collection of digital evidence across jurisdictions.