The World’s a Minefield

Felix M Temple
ISBN 978 0 9563120 9 9

A new type of autocratic politician dominates the political landscape. With the deliberate appointment by the Prime Minister of an unsuitable candidate for the top job of C in MI6, trouble begins.

The new man sweeps people out. Most of them die by ‘accident’ or ‘suicide’. Sir Charles, a loyal subject and member of a family that has been part of the ruling elite for generations, knows he will be next.

He and his colleagues from Australia, France, and the United States of America have to find out why they are being attacked.

They must meet the challenge; failure will mean certain death.

Caught up in the maelstrom facing the security services of the western world, the plans of a crook go drastically awry when one of his political contacts dies in a young man’s bed. The international threads of business intertwine with the greed of politicians as a few loyal officers save the Service.

Love blossoms between those caught up in the business, and in a small house outside Marrakesh, Katharine acts to lift the black pain inflicted upon her after the brutal death of her lover in 1973.

Coded messages

The book has a number of coded messages and references that readers might like to work out. They generally (but not all) refer to books (fiction and non fiction), poetry and a postcard.

If you have identified any of the sources, please write to the author at the address of the publishers (printed in the book) or send an e-mail, and if you are correct (and agree), I will provide the source of the code or reference, together with your name and geographical locality on this web site as the first person to notify me correctly of the reference.

Clues to the coded messages and references

The title of the book

This is from a poem

One reader from Russia has identified the poem. It is by Ian Crichton Smith, and entitled ‘The world’s a minefield’. The title has a double meaning (i) relating to the word generally, but (ii) in particular to two of characters in the novel, one of whom was killed before the time in the book begins.

Title of chapters

The titles of 9 chapters come from or are a variation of lines from 9 poems

The titles of 8 chapters come from or are a variation from 8 books (fiction and non-fiction)

The titles of 3 chapters are from a postcard

The title of one chapter is the title of a song

Contents of chapters

The messages in 5 chapters come from poems

One reader in the USA has identified James K. Baxter ‘The Lie’

The coded message in 1 chapter is a physical location in India

The coded messages in 3 chapters refer to physical locations in London

There is a reference to an Australian film in one chapter

One of the vehicles is owned by a particular person


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