Email, social media and the internet at work
Email, social media and the internet at work: A concise guide to compliance with the law

(7th edn, PP Publishing, 2014), written by Stephen Mason

Immediately computers were connected to the internet, the line between the inner and outer world of communications altered forever. Email has become ubiquitous – it is the most commonly used method of corresponding for both internal and external purposes. Social media has extended the way many people connect.

Communicating has become effective and efficient.

However, problems occur. For instance, some people do not adjust their behaviour when using such technologies, causing themselves, their friends and families, and their employers embarrassment. Others use the technology to steal, commit fraud, bully and continue with unpleasant and illegal activities – and do so when using the corporate infrastructure.

The content of this book is deliberately general in nature. Written by a barrister that has given numerous seminars (both public and in-house) on the topic over the years, it provides copious examples is to provide the reader with a clear understanding about the nature of the case in order to more fully understand the reason for the decision made.

Whether you are working for a commercial or public sector organization, whether a lawyer, accountant, architect, doctor, head teacher, governor, trustee, director, administrator, senior manager, sole trader, small, medium or large business, IT manager, banker, stock broker, risk controller, data controller or responsible for personnel, this book helps you understand the use of email, social media and the internet in the legal context.

Chapter 1 Networked communications in context

Chapter 2 The liability

Chapter 3 Types of misuse

Chapter 4 Liability and employees

Chapter 5 Operational liability

Chapter 6 Monitoring networked communications

Chapter 7 Personal data: workers, customers and security

Chapter 8 Storing networked communications

Chapter 9 Evidence

Chapter 10 Content of the networked communications policy

Chapter 11 Operational implementation of the policy

Chapter 12 Check list for the network communications use policy

Appendix 1 Further examples of misuse of networked communications

Appendix 2 Sample email, social networking and internet use policy