Electronic Evidence

Stephen Mason, Electronic Signatures in Law (4th edn, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies for the SAS Humanities Digital Library, School of Advanced Study, University of London, 2016)

Available as open source and copies printed on paper can be obtained from London University online store

Chapter 1 The signature

Chapter 2 International initiatives

Chapter 3 The practical issues in using electronic signatures in different jurisdictions

Chapter 4 The European Union

Chapter 5 England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland

Chapter 6 Introduction to the electronic signature

Chapter 7 Electronic sound

Chapter 8 The ‘I accept’ and ‘wrap’ methods of indicating intent

Chapter 9 Personal Identification Number (PIN) and password

Chapter 10 Typing a name into an electronic document

Chapter 11 The name in an email address

Chapter 12 A manuscript signature that has been scanned

Chapter 13 Biodynamic version of a manuscript signature

Chapter 14 Digital signatures

Chapter 15 Liability

Chapter 16 Evidence and digital signatures

Chapter 17 Data protection